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About Us

FITTODO.com was designed and created to provide individuals with the information that they need to best improve their chances of living longer, happier, and healthier lives. FITTODO isn’t a fad diet, or a program that calls for over-exercising; nor is it a strict meal plan or a magic pill. FITTODO is a lifestyle based around healthy habits that are easy to implement for the rest of your life!

  • FITTODO is about making healthy and nutritious food choices and exercising regularly, whether you run marathons every year or simply make it a point to play with your family every day.
  • FITTODO embraces being proactive about healthcare, and scheduling those regular checkups every year.
  • FITTODO is about setting fitness and wellness goals so that you’re continually striving to better your health and your life.
  • Most importantly, FITTODO is about passing the knowledge you’ve acquired regarding wellness to your children, so they can embrace these habits and build healthy lifestyles early on in their lives.

Why is FITTODO different? At FITTODO, all of the information provided to you is easy to find, easy to use, and most importantly, fun. FITTODO takes away the guessing games in achieving healthier, wealthier, and more enjoyable lives, and provides all of the information you need in one convenient location.

If you’re looking to follow a short-term diet or exhausting exercise routine to get a quick fix, then this information is not for you. The knowledge imparted at FITTODO is the starting point for a higher quality of life. This information will not only help you lose those extra inches, but it’ll also change the way you feel about yourself from both a physical and mental perspective.

There is no single best diet, recipe, or exercise program that works for all of us, as we’re all individual in our needs and preferences. There are no magical solutions that will change your physical or mental wellbeing overnight. FITTODO allows you to build a healthy lifestyle tailored to your individuality – one that can be implemented forever!

FITTODO is about goals. Setting and reaching fitness and wellness goals is very similar to setting and reaching financial goals. When properly planned and implemented, goals revolving around nutrition, exercise and health will allow you to begin taking better care of yourself, adding value to your virtual fitness and wellness portfolio.

If well managed, over time your goals will allow you to build up fitness that can be used in various fun, healthy and exciting ways in every aspect of life. FITTODO teaches you to bank your fitness and wellness to feel better, look better, sleep better, and simply improve your likelihood of living longer and healthier!

Medical costs relating to obesity, which is a preventable disease, are one of the greatest challenges we are facing as a nation. Dissatisfaction with the U.S. health care system is widespread, and no consensus has emerged as to how to reform it. The United States will spend over $2 trillion on health care this year alone, and the systems in place to pay for this are deeply and irreparably flawed. FITTODO can help to reverse this trend by preventing people from becoming overweight in the first place. Treatment is expensive – prevention is priceless.

FITTODO helps people from all walks of life learn how to live longer, healthier and wealthier – by simply banking and saving fitness and wellness from early childhood and throughout life. The best part? It’s never too late to get started. However, the earlier you start, the better your chances of achieving long-term success. That’s why FITTODO emphasizes making regular exercise and healthy food choices fun and enjoyable from early childhood!

The members of the FITTODO team all share a passion for achieving mental and physical success throughout all aspects of our lives. We realize the value of keeping ourselves as healthy as possible in order to maximize the enjoyment we receive in spending time with our families and friends. Being physically fit enough to still run and play with our children is a joy, and one that can be taken for granted.

We want to dedicate the rest of our lives to staying healthy as long as possible so we can watch our children grow up, see them get married, and even to watch their children – our grandchildren – grow! FITTODO is a life journey that will change your world, one day at a time.

Make a healthy choice – for life!

Jordan Nissinoff, Founder & Creator
Jordan is the founder and developer of the FITTODO Lifestyle System. Jordan is responsible for creating the core fundamental content and philosophies provided within FITTODO. Jordan utilizes a combination of determination, proper planning, and good fundamental values in his health and fitness approach that he hopes to share with others on their lifelong journeys. He currently is a high school student and athlete that exemplify the FITTODO lifestyle. Applying good eating habits along with a wide range of fitness and sports activities has allowed Jordan to develop both physically and mentally from his overweight childhood. In addition to running and swimming competitively, Jordan’s accomplishments include completing three summers of military ranger fitness programs, high elevation running training and most recently two courses this summer in chemistry at Harvard University.
Elisa Nissinoff, C.E.O. & President
As a woman competing in a man’s environment, recently retired United States Special Agent Elisa Nissinoff is no stranger to understanding what it takes to get the job done. During her near 20 years as a Special Agent she has worked with various Government agencies on top level projects including her role as a Secret Service Agent where she helped protect two different U.S. Presidents. She has also worked with the F.B.I. on several high profile investigations that led to multiple arrests. The way she approached these challenges emanated from the inner strength she was able to achieve by eating correctly, working out correctly and staying mentally sharp.Elisa has used the physical and mental skills and training that she received as a Special Agent to help develop the Lifestyle Fittodo.com Program.
Ed Santos, V.P. of Operations
Ed Santos represents over 20 years in the optical industry. As a licensed Optician he fully understands all aspects of the eyecare business. He has served as the General Manager for a Pearle Vision Franchise since 1991 and now oversees day to day operations for 7 corporate Pearle Vision professional service locations. He is responsible for the ordering and manufacturing of all deliverable products, staffing and scheduling, equipment maintenance and repairs, 3 separate network based systems with their applications, and all marketing decisions. He diligently pursues the challenge of identifying the evolving needs of the consumer and has received the prestigious Pearle Vision Chairman’s Quality Award and most recently the Paragon Award indicating the highest level of quality and service within the Pearle Vision Community.
Demos Jones, V.P. of Sales
Life long health and wellness enthusiast Demos Jones is the classic example of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle and to maintain mental and physical wellness throughout our life journeys. He has put together a recipe for success that allows him now at 53, to look and act the part of a man half his age. He has done this in an unconventional format. There are no cookbook recipes in his home. He does not require the need of training tools and videos. He has never looked up a diet or read about workout and exercise plans. His methods though, speak for themselves. If one were to watch Demos, he instinctively eats the correct way and exercises his body and mind the correct way, not as part of some regimented torture, but instead by doing the things he loves to do most.
Prasad Tenjerla, Director of PamTen, Inc.
A visionary Entrepreneur, with over 17 years of Information Technology experience providing IT solutions to finance, telecom, insurance and healthcare industries. Extensive experience program and project management, offshore setup & services, staffing & recruiting, data warehouse solutions, client management operations and resource management. Specialized in providing technology solutions to finance and insurance clients.
Chaya Pamula, President & CEO of PamTen, Inc.
A visionary Entrepreneur, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, Certified Business Process Management Professional & Certified Six Sigma Green Belt with over 20 years of Information Technology experience providing IT solutions to manufacturing, healthcare and finance industries. Extensive experience in strategy & planning, business relationship management, program and project management, outsourcing management, business process management & process improvement.
Buddy Verderber, Triathlon Consultant
Buddy Verderber is an elite and age group competitor in triathlon. He races distances from sprint to the full Ironman. He is also a Boston Marathon qualifier, and is currently pursuing professional status as a triathlete in hopes of one day winning a world championship. In his free time, he is a personal trainer and specializes in training people for triathlons.
CJ Hobgood, Spokesperson
CJ Hobgood won the ASP World Championship in 2001 at the age of 22 and is considered one of the best surfers in the world today. Born in 1979, CJ Hobgood has been surfing competitively since 1996. He and his twin brother Damien who is also a world class professional surfer, reside from Satellite Beach which is located on the east coast of Florida. The two brothers were inspired by the success of former World Champion, Kelly Slater, also from Florida. As a kid ,CJ spent a lot of time focusing on getting better, and riding as many waves as possible. Along with surfing, C.J. also plays tennis, and his filmography includes Noah’s Ark, The Outsiders produced by Walkingonwater.org, Down the Barrel (2007), Inaugural Hobgood Challenge (2007), Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere.
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