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Sport and Activities Leagues and Events
Photographer: Rasmus Thomsen

Yoga Classes can be found all over the country. Look for yoga studios and find classes at your local gym.

Yoga Alliance® was formed by a merger in 1999 of Unity in Yoga (a group that organized and sponsored national and international yoga conferences from its formation in 1982 until 1995) and the Ad Hoc Yoga Alliance (a volunteer group that in 1997 started working on creating minimum standards for yoga teachers, as well as other issues relevant to the yoga community). From the time of Unity in Yoga's work, the emphasis has been on mutual respect, sensitivity and support of different approaches to yoga and an equal voice for every participant.

Yoga Club was created to support offering people of all levels cost effective yoga practices led by area instructors from various studios! Additionally, as yoga is about healthy living, relaxation, and meditation (in addition to great exercise) local yoga clubs hold many classes in the most natural setting, the great outdoors! Yoga styles offered including Power, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, and Hatha, & Pre-Natal in addition to other practices such as Budokon, Pilates and Tai Chi! 

Visit http://yogaclub.us for more information.

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