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Sport and Activities Types

Folkstyle Wrestling, also known as collegiate wrestling, is a form of wrestling that’s practiced mostly in American high schools and colleges. The object of the match is to gain points by pinning an opponent’s shoulders to the mat for 2 continuous seconds, or winning overall by out-wrestling the opponent throughout the duration of the match.

Freestyle wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that’s practiced throughout the world. Along with Greco-Roman, it’s one of two styles of wrestling competed in the Olympic games. Freestyle and collegiate wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman, also both allow the use of the opponent's legs or arms in offense and defense.

Greco Roman

In Greco-Roman wrestling, the legs may not be used in any way to obtain a fall, and no holds may be taken below the waist. Other rules and procedures are the same as those for freestyle wrestling, the other international amateur style.

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