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Sport and Activities Levels
Photographer: Sheela Mohan

Windsurfing is generally not a competitive sport, although there are windsurfing competitions that occur.  With this in mind, windsurfing ability can be classified into the basic categories of:
Beginner - A beginner windsurfer is just learning how to balance on the board and use the wind to gain speed. These surfers may still be taking lessons and generally cannot surf in difficult conditions.
Intermediate - An intermediate windsurfer feels comfortable on the board and is able to handle more challenging conditions. These surfers know how to use the wind to their advantage and may know several tricks.
Advanced - Advanced windsurfers are able to perform complex maneuvers at a very high level. These individuals can use the wind to their advantage and are able to perform exciting jumps and tricks. Advanced windsurfers feel comfortable in competitions and enjoy pushing their bodies and the sport to the limit.

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