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Weight Lifting

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Sport and Activities Levels
Photographer: Sheela Mohan

In general, there are five weight training levels to be aware of:

Untrained -Individuals who are just learning basic weight trainingexercisescan be classified as untrained. These people are learning how each exercise works a different muscle, and the basic techniques needed.

Novice -Noviceweight liftersare able to string a series of exercises into a routine. They understand how to perform each exercise, and are able to workout without the help of a trainer.

Intermediate -Weight lifters who are able to build regular routines could be considered intermediate. These individuals isolate muscle groups to maximize their workouts and cycle according to a schedule. They completely understand each exercise and may also follow a diet to produce results.

Advanced -Advanced weight lifters are able to build rigorous routines and perform at an above average level. They may compete in local body building competitions and often also follow strict diets.

Elite -Individuals who body build professionally could be considered elite. These people get maximized results from very advanced routines and follow strict diets. They may aide their workouts through cycles of body building supplements and are able to compete at the highest levels.

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