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Weight Lifting

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Sport and Activities Leagues and Events
Photographer: Rasmus Thomsen

The InternationalWeightliftingFederation (IWF) is comprised of 167 affiliated nations. Approximately ten thousand weightlifters participate annually in official competitions and events. Weight training, however, is an indispensable tool for strength development for all sports, and many people throughout the world train for the sake of fitness.

Entry numbers for World Championship weight lifting events have increased yearly. The participation record was registered at the 1999 World Championships in Athens, Greece, with altogether 660 athletes of 88 countries taking part.

Including the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the men have competed in 21 Olympic Games, 70 World Championships; the junior men in 27 Junior World Championships. The women already had their first Olympic appearance in Sydney and took part in 13 senior and 7 Junior World Championships.

Here are some other groups that offer competitive weightlifting:
  • The Olympic Weightlifting League
  • Canadian Power lifting Union
  • Weightlifting Federation of Africa
  • Asian Weightlifting Federation
  • Pan American Weightlifting Confederation
  • European Weightlifting Federation
  • Oceania Weightlifting Federation

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