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Weight Lifting

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Weight Lifting Apparel

It’s important to dress appropriately for any sport you plan to participate in. Proper attire can keep you comfortable and safe while weight lifting. In general, comfortable, athletic clothes are best. Please see the following suggestions:

  • Short sleeve t-shirt, polypropylene shirt, or bench press shirt
  • Hoodie (optional)
  • Leggings (optional)
  • Sports bra or mesh bra (for women)
  • Sweat pants, shorts, or track pants
  • Underwear: active body shorts
  • Sport socks
  • Cross training sneakers or any type of athletic shoe, except cleats or golf shoes
  • Neoprene lifting gloves
  • Weightlifting belt
  • Wrist wrap
  • Headband
  • Sweatbands

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