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Water Skiing

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Sport and Activities Levels
Photographer: Sheela Mohan

Waterskiing is generally not a competitivesport, although there are water skiing competitions that do occur and professional water skiers.

Beginner:Most people who try water skiing stay at the beginner stage. Beginners have little to no experience water skiing. They may not be able to stay standing for very long during their ride, and some may not be able to get up at all.

Water skiers at this level will be able to stand up on their own and remain standing for sometime. The’ll be able to negotiate turns fairly well and with only a small amount of difficulty.

Advanced:Advanced water skiers can remain standing for a long period of time and will have little trouble making turns. Skiers at this level may be able to do some small tricks or jumps.

Professional water skiers are those that you see at water shows who are able to do tricks while still standing up. They’re able to remain standing for as long as the boat is running, and can manage larger jumps and turns.

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