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Water Skiing

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Sport and Activities Leagues and Events
Photographer: Rasmus Thomsen

Interest in competitivewater skiinghas grown considerably over the years and continues to attract many more enthusiasts. USA Water Ski sanctions more than 900 tournaments each season. These range from small, local events for novices to national and world-level tournaments for more experienced competitors.

Male and female skiers of all ages can compete in traditional three-event water skiing (slalom, tricks, jumping) tournaments, as well as in tournaments for wakeboarding, barefooting, kneeboarding, show skiing, collegiate water skiing and wakeboarding, water ski racing, hydrofoiling and disabled water skiing.

As the national governing body for water skiing, USA Water Ski sanctionsthree-event (traditional water skiing), wakeboarding, barefooting, kneeboarding, collegiate water skiing and wakeboarding, show skiing, water ski racing, hydrofoiling and disabled water skiing tournaments, as well as professional cash-prize events, such as U.S. Open Water Ski Championships.

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