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Sport and Activities Types

Racewalking: Racewalking is a popular long-distance athletic event that’s practiced at the recreational, collegiate and international levels. Introduced at the summer Olympics in 1904, racewalking requires that the competitor maintain contact with the ground at all times. It's a great way to build aerobic endurance for those who aren’t able to run.

Stair Climbing: Stair climbing exercises may be undertaken by stepping up and down a flight of stairs, or using a stair climbing machine. Stair climbing engages several key muscle groups in the lower body, and can burn several hundred calories per hour. Stair climbing can be undertaken for both recreational and athletic purposes. Walking up and down the stairs, even incidentally, is a great way to burn some incidental calories during the day. 
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps introduce additional physical exertion into your day, which is healthy for your heart - and your calorie goal! Just about everyone has heard about the positive benefits of taking the stairs up to the office instead of riding the elevator.
However, you'll also benefit from taking the stairs down. Walking down stairs, just like taking them up, will help burn calories and exercise your leg muscles, only in a slightly different fashion that's helpful for certain activities like hiking and skiing.

 Once you've had a chance to add uphill walking to your daily fitness program, start to increase the incline. Begin by taking routes that add moderate inclines to your walk instead of staying on flat terrain. As you become fitter and more efficient, seek out steeper hills while maintaining a walking pace of at least 3.5 mph.

Pushing a Stroller or Wheelchair:
 Walking while pushing a stroller or a wheelchair is a great, relaxing way to burn some extra calories and spend time with a loved one!

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