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Do you want to lose weight without the strain of a serious sport? Do you need physical activity, but aren’t in good enough shape for a heavy workout? Then try walking! Walking is a leisurely and soothing activity that helps burn calories. As you walk, you are actually giving your heart a great workout, especially when you walk briskly. 

Brisk walking is when walking at a quick pace, usually around 4 miles per hour. A good amount of brisk walking a day, usually around 3 to 5 miles, can keep you healthy and decrease your amount of body fat. For people who don't like to exercise, walking can be an effective way to combine physical activity with recreation. 

Whether you choose to walk as part of a prescribed exercise program or just incorporate walking into your visit to the mall, you'll benefit from the physical activity and fight the opposing effects of a sedentary lifestyle. You can even get a couple friends together for daily walks and track progress. By making the commitment to spend time together, you'll not only begin to enjoy the benefits of a daily exercise routine, but you'll also help to support each other.

If you include slow walking in your daily fitness ritual by spending at least 20 minutes strolling around your neighborhood, you'll contribute to your overall health and fitness levels, keep your heart healthy and improve your overall outlook on life. Walking at almost any speed and duration will lead to positive health and fitness results. 

You can do it almost anywhere in any weather condition, and it’s a good way to explore new neighborhoods. By balancing your walking speed with the duration, you can design your own fitness program and increase your aerobic endurance!

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