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Sport and Activities Types

Beach: Beach volleyball is set up on a sand court, and volleyball players often play without shoes. It’s a fast-paced outdoor sport that involves volleying a ball back and forth over the net and scoring points by grounding the ball in the opponent's court. Beach volleyball is competitively played in teams of two, but recreational beach volleyball can be played with as many players as desired.

Indoor: Volleyball played inside a gymnasium is a fast, non-contact sport between teams of six players on each side. Competitive volleyball players must be willing to work as a team to exact offensive and defensive strategies against their opponents. Competitive volleyball games require muscle strength, stamina and endurance, and can burn several hundred calories per hour.

Water: Water volleyball is an entertaining sport than can be enjoyed by all age groups and every member of your family! Played in the shallow end of a swimming pool, water volleyball is patterned after beach volleyball but uses a slightly lower net. Even though it’s considered a recreational activity, it requires aerobic fitness, muscular strength, endurance, and great timing. Water volleyball is one of the most fun and entertaining games you can play at your next pool party!

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