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Sport and Activities Types

Standard: This is the most popular part of the sport and the way everybody starts – simply riding as a form of transportation.

Cross-Country: This involves riding longer distances on technically moderate trails.

Freeride/DH: This involves riding technically challenging trails, where the objective is to ride the most difficult terrain possible, typically downhill.

Mountain: Also called MUni, this is a crossover between Freeride and Cross-Country riding. It involves climbs and descents of technically difficult trails over longer distances. MUnis have many of the same components as trials unicycles, but have a few key differences. 

Usually, the tire diameters on mountain unicycles are either 24 or 26 inches (660 mm), allowing the rider to more easily roll over obstacles such as roots and rocks. The seat is also thicker and more comfortable on MUnis to compensate for the rough terrain. Brakes are sometimes used for steep descents.

Slopestyle: Slopestyle combines Freeride muni with tricks, similarly to street riding, but on trails.

Trials: This involves riding over obstacles of any sort, either in natural terrain or in an urban environment, where the challenge is purely a function of technical difficulty over short distances. Riding techniques are employed purely as a means to negotiate obstacles. 

Trials unicycles are stronger than standard unicycles in order to withstand the stresses caused by jumping, dropping, and supporting the weight of the unicycle and rider on components such as the pedals and cranks. Many trials unicycles also have wide, 19- or 20-inch (510 mm) knobby tires to absorb some of the impact on drops.

Flatland: This involves doing tricks on a unicycle on flat ground. There are virtually an infinite number of ways to ride a unicycle, and the challenge is purely related to the difficulty of moves. As of 2009, flatland was a relatively new form of unicycling.

Freestyle: Similar to flatland riding but with a performance aspect and its own style distinct from flatland. Freestyle is the oldest type of technical riding, tricks and moves are derived from different ways of riding the unicycle, and linking these moves together into one long flowing line that is aesthetically pleasing.

Street: Street riding combines urban trials with tricks. The objective is to use stairs, railings and any other urban obstacles as props to set up tricks.

Distance/Commuter/Touring: This involves riding longer distances on the road. This style concentrates on distance riding. With a 29-inch (740 mm) or 36-inch (910 mm) wheel, cruising speeds of 10 to 15 mph (24 km/h) can easily be reached.

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