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Sleep Habits

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Sleep Habits

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Just as exercise and nutrition are essential for optimal health and happiness, so is sleep. No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort. Health and wellness are often enhanced by an extension of our sleeping time. However, modern society has seen a gradual reduction in the average amount of sleep people take – in our busy lives, sleeping seems like a “waste of time”.  

Many of us want to sleep as little as possible — or feel like we have to. There are so many things that seem more interesting or important than getting a few more hours of sleep. However, the quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality, and even your weight. Sleep isn’t merely a time when your body and brain shut off. While you rest, your brain stays busy, overseeing a wide variety of biological maintenance tasks that keep you running in top condition and prepare you for the day ahead! 

The good news?  You don’t have to choose between health and productivity. As you start getting the sleep you need, your energy and efficiency will go up. In fact, you’re likely to find that you actually get more done during the day than when you were skimping on shuteye.

As you become more healthy living and fit, your sleep patterns will be that much better. You’ll be able to sleep throughout the night, without suffering from insomnia. You’ll be able to sleep more soundly – and you’ll understand what people mean when they say, “I slept GOOD last night.”

Once you establish new sleep patterns, you’ll wake up feeling much more refreshed, energized, and ready to start your day, rather than lying in bed hitting the “snooze” button repeatedly.

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