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Body Changes

Having sex is probably the most pleasurable thing a person can do for his or her health. It relieves stress, boosts the immune system, burns calories, improves cardiovascular health, boosts self-esteem, improves intimacy and reduces prostate cancer risks for men. However, there are risks involved in sex that can make it an unhealthy practice, whether its sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, or hurt feelings over a badly ended relationship. FITTODO is here guide individuals to embrace sexuality in the healthiest, most positive way throughout their lives.

During the ages of 10 to 14, most boys and girls notice changes taking place in their bodies. These changes happen over a number of years referred to as puberty.” Puberty starts when extra chemicals in the body are produced, known as “hormones.” The changes between boys and girls will be different, but there will be some similarities such as pimples, oily hair and skin, and mood swings. 

Due to hormones, not only physical changes take place in the body, but emotional changes do as well. Since we are all unique individuals, not everyone’s body grows and changes at the same rate.

Body Changes/Boys

During puberty boys will get deeper voices and hair will start growing on the face, legs, chest, under arms and pubic area, which grows darker, coarser and curlier as boys go through their teen years. Boys will grow taller, and will become broader in the chest area. Vocal cords get thicker and longer, so boys’ voices will deepen.  

Sweat and oil glands become more active and body odor changes. Some boys develop small and temporary breast tissue. Reproductive systems begin to work, and boys will start to have erections and nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). Testicles become larger and the scrotum hangs lower. The scrotum also becomes darker in color.

Body Changes/Girls

When a girl reaches puberty, she will start to develop breasts, and her hips will widen. Hair will develop under the arms, on the legs and in the pubic area. This is the time when menstruation starts happening once a month. During these changes, a girl’s body is physically preparing to conceive and bear children as the reproductive system matures. Fat tissue normally increases. Like boys, sweat and oil glands become more active and body odor changes.

Love and Relationships

Early on, it will be hard for teens to recognize the difference between love and sexual desire. Adolescents often find sex and love to be both exhilarating and confusing. Studies have shown that parent/child connectedness, love, support, and closeness is associated with an older age of first intercourse and a lower frequency of sex during adolescence. Teens should be encouraged to delay sex, which is clearly a healthy and normal part of life, until they are in a committed, loving, respectful relationship. Teens should be advised to use protection as a means of birth control and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Going to a Gynecologist

When a young girl becomes sexually active, it’s very important to see a gynecologist. The reasons to see a gynecologist include:

  • Learning about birth control options
  • Routine breast exams
  • Learning about screening for and preventing sexually transmitted diseases
  • An annual pelvic exam
  • A pap smear, which is a screening for reproductive cancers

Pap smears are recommended starting at age 21 and then every two years, even if the woman is not sexually active. Women also see gynecologists during pregnancy

It’s also important to see a gynecologist if your periods are irregular, or if you have unusual bleeding. You can see a gynecologist if you are pregnant or if you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success. Also, see a gynecologist if you have pelvic pain. A gynecologist can additionally give referrals for mammograms and bone density screenings. 

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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