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Getting started is the easy part of FITTODO; staying motivated is the even easier part of FITTODO. There are so many different benefits of embracing FITTODO that wanting to continue the lifestyle will be all too easy, whether it’s the physical or mental aspects. Once you start realizing how good you look and feel, you’ll want to make health and fitness a permanent fixture in your lifestyle.

When the weight starts falling off and you get addicted to the adrenaline high of working out regularly, it will be nearly impossible to give it up! You’ll be able to eat more and weigh less (or even weigh more, because muscle weighs more than fat). You’ll have an abundance of energy and stamina. You will most likely have health improvements such as lower blood pressure, a better night's sleep and an all around stronger immune system – just to name a FEW of the positives. There are HUNDREDS more!

We also suggest finding several activities that you enjoy so you can do something different several times a week. For instance, maybe do yoga twice a week, Pilates twice a week, and aerobics for the rest of your workouts.

We won't lie to you. People do stray from their fitness routines for various reasons. But the most successful people are the ones who are consistent, as opposed to getting very excited in the beginning and then burning out. The old saying rings true – the brightest flame burns half as long. This is why we suggest going at a slower pace and building up to goals… so you can set new ones! Get to the point where you are excitedly anticipating your routine, so you look forward to it – not just that day, but for the rest of your life!

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