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Today’s world is complicated. We’re all being pulled in so many different directions. We’re being asked to take care of things that past generations didn’t have to worry about. We are now responsible not to just care for ourselves, but also for our children, and sometimes their children as well. We’re often even responsible for our parents, or even our partner’s parents. While this may at times seem like quite the burden, we must still make the time to take care of our own needs – first.

When you tend to the needs of others first, you lose focus and drive. You tire easily. You get frustrated. You may even feel at your wit’s end. Taking just a little time each day to  eat better and to participate in a physical activity we enjoy will make a huge difference, not just for us, but for those who depend on us. It’s like being on an airplane when they remind you to put your oxygen mask on first in order to assist others. Without ensuring our health and wellbeing, we can’t help anyone else.

Start the day off on the right foot by setting your alarm for just a half-hour – even 15 minutes – earlier, so you can begin your day with some quality “me time.” During this time you can do something you enjoy that will help your day run just a bit smoother, whether it’s stretching, meditating, or just time to sip some herbal tea. Once this habit becomes second nature, you’ll start taking more and more time to do other important things for yourself, realizing they are not just treats, but necessities to healthy living! 

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