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Getting Started > Motivation > Prevention Is Priceless

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Photographer: Arvind Balaraman

Obesity is a preventable disease; however, we Americans continue to pack on the pounds at an alarming rate. Current calculations project that in 10 years 43 percent of American adults may be obese, which is roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight. If not corrected, this will be a leading driving factor in rising healthcare costs. Estimates now show that obesity will eat up about 21 percent of healthcare spending in the United States with approximately $344 billion in medical-related expenses by 2018!

Health risks associated with obesity include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, gout, and sleep apnea, just to name a few… FITTODO is here to assist you in changing poor habits and bad decisions – and changing them today. Making positive changes in your life now will help increase your chances of staying healthier and living a longer, happier life. 

FITTODO will not only help you find the best fitness and nutrition plan for both you and your family, but help you get into the habit of making positive changes in your daily life. Little things such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator, drinking more water, and eating slowly to savor your food really do make a difference! The earlier you take preventive steps towards beating obesity, the better. Best of all, it’s never too late to get started!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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