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Getting Started > Motivation > Avoid Negative Influence

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We all have barriers in our lives that can make wanting to improve ourselves difficult. As most of us have regular contact with the people that we interact with, we must choose to ignore any negative peer pressure that will stray us away from our goals and aspirations.

This negativity can stem from a variety of reasons, but generally comes from the fact that the people around us are jealous that we are taking the initiative to take better care of ourselves. This can range from co-workers who want us to order unhealthy takeout food for lunch or snacks, to family members and friends who want us to eat poorly with them, and even our loved spouses that don’t seem to want us to find the time to participate in a sport or activity that will help us become more physically and mentally fit

Taking the time to explain to those who might present obstacles for your success and getting them involved with you may help your situation. Share how achieving your goals has made you a more positive person! Encourage others to realized that their lives can be just as fulfilling by starting out with baby steps. 

Sometimes it's best to just go ahead with your program and let your healthy new body speak for itself. Eventually, you will be known as the “go to” person when it comes to health and fitness

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