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Getting started is the easy part of FITTODO…staying motivated is the easier part of FITTODO! There are so many different benefits of embracing FITTODO that wanting to keep living the lifestyle will be all too easy! Many of you have tried various diet plans and exhausting exercise routines that simply did not work, or worked for a short time, only to fail in the long run. We have heard many of you tell us that you can’t imagine a world where cheeseburgers and French fries taste better than a well-balanced, healthy meal. We’ve been told that working out is just not for you, because “I don’t like it”, or I “don’t have the time”.

Our reply to these statements is simple. Life is all about choices. Choosing a healthier lifestyle will benefit you in so many more ways than the perceived great taste of that cheeseburger. Sure, that burger and fries washed down with a nice thick milkshake tasted amazing while you were eating it, but how did you feel just a few minutes after? Tired, lethargic, sluggish and bloated all are strong possibilities. Not to mention, the guilt that accompanies the meal and all the side effects – such as poorly fitting clothes, an expanding waistline, and possibly even long term health issues – make it even less appealing in the grand scheme of things. Just like many things in life, you may want things that aren’t good for you, so begin choosing wisely – because it’s YOUR choice. Remember, the motivation here is to win the game of life itself, and to increase your odds of living longer, wealthier, happier and healthier. Let’s watch our children grow up, and their children too! The best way to achieve this? To live FITTODO.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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