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Your Kitchen

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Perishable items, such as dairy, should be stored in the fridge. This is the area where you should turn to first to get healthy, smart, easy and fun food choices! Make sure you keep only the freshest and healthiest options in this easy-to-reach area of your kitchen. You’ll find that this is the one place where you are constantly reaching for the fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, poultry, fish and dairy products that you enjoy eating most. 

Dairy Products
Include items such as skim, almond, coconut, or soymilk, low-fat cheeses (Laughing Cow cheeses are fantastic), non-fat cream cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese, and fat-free mayonnaise or Veganese. Yogurt should be sugar-free and non-fat – Greek yogurt is a great way to pack protein into your day! Also be sure to include eggs or egg substitutes, sour cream, and butter for the occasional use.

Here’s where you should store your lean proteins such as tofu, tempeh, chicken and turkey, and fish.

Fresh Vegetables
Make sure you stock up on green leafy vegetables (such as mixed greens, spinach, and kale), fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, peppers of any color), zucchini, celery, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, carrots and any other favorite seasonal garden items that you enjoy! Vegetables are perfect not only for cooking, but also for snacking. You may also want to keep fresh herbs around for delicious seasoning options, and a bulb of garlic to toss in your dishes. 

Include fresh berries, such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. Apples and pears are always good choices for portable healthy snacks. Citrus fruits are another nutritious portable option, such as oranges or Clementines. Grapes are delicious whether fresh or frozen, and don’t forget the melon! Fresh seasonal fruits are always available, and as the seasons change variety can be enjoyed.

Mustard is an excellent low-calorie condiment and comes in a wide variety including spicy, yellow and Dijon. Choose ketchup with no added sugar; organic is best. Stock up on sugar-free or naturally sweetened jams and jellies, as well as fresh salsa. Twists of lemon and lime make for great additions to salads, and you can always use vinegar. Low-sodium soy sauce is great on rice and veggies! Organic maple syrups and honeys are delicious and healthy ways to curb a sweet tooth. Keep a tub of hummus around for dipping veggies!

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