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Your Kitchen

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The following tools and appliances will help you to prepare your meals in an easy, enjoyable manner. Having them in your kitchen will help you prepare the best tasting meals; the ones that will keep you fit for life!

Try mixing your favorite fruits and vegetables with fresh yogurt to make wonderful and healthy smoothies that will brighten up your day and supply you with fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and protein.

Coffee Maker
Brew your own fresh cup of decaf each morning to enjoy great tasting coffee at a low price. You can add your own natural sweeteners and creamers, and keep a pot on the burner all day if you choose to do so. Not only is this quick and convenient, but it will also help to keep you out of the local coffee shops were you’ll certainly be tempted by unhealthy, calorie-packed choices.

Crock Pot
Crock-pots are easy to use and can make wonderfully diverse and healthy meals. They’re extremely helpful to busy moms and dads who don’t have hours to cook every evening – you can often toss your ingredients into the crock pot before leaving for work in the morning, and come home to a fully prepared, delicious dinner!

Food Processor
Spice up your day by combining some of your favorite fresh ingredients in new and exciting ways. Make your own salsas and sauces, and try your hand at making fresh soups! A processor can easily chop and grind fruits and veggies for you to add to different dishes.

A good set of knives makes all the difference in the ease, time and quality of food preparation. Invest in a quality set and you’ll immediately notice a difference in your preparation time.

Pots and Pans
Just like with you knife selection, the quality of your pots and pans can make all the difference in the quality and enjoyment of your meal. Inexpensive, poor quality pots may scorch, burn, or cook food unevenly. There are many excellent choices available today for pots and pans that will work well for you. 

Steamed vegetables and brown rice are outstanding healthy and delicious foods that can be combined to create a large variety of meals, or eaten alone as snacks. Throw in tofu or chicken and your favorite Asian-inspired spices or condiments for a delectable version of stir-fry!

Storage Containers
A good set of storage containers will allow for an easy and efficient way to store and reuse foods and leftovers. They’ll keep ingredients fresh for the next use and help cut down your grocery bill by reducing waste. 

Toaster or Toaster Oven
A high quality toaster or toaster oven will make a good addition to your kitchen. It allows you to cook or re-heat foods quickly and efficiently, which is important for people who are busy and on the go!

There are more gadgets and tools available today than room in your kitchen! Choose things that will not only aid your healthy choices, but are also fun to use – you may want to invest in a bread maker, juicer, or French press

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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