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Your Kitchen

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Your Kitchen

Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

While it’s commonplace to say that spice is the variety of life, most of us are, in fact, creatures of habit. We tend to eat foods that are familiar to us. FITTODO suggests that when deciding what to keep in your kitchen, you should start by choosing foods that you like to eat because they taste good. 

Once you’ve made a list of your favorite foods and beverages, go through that list and decide which choices are healthy. If they aren’t healthy choices, decide if there’s something you can do to change them into good options – low fat, low sodium, whole wheat, etc..

Now it’s finally time to take matters into your own hands! Getting fit and staying healthy starts by making good choices. You came to FITTODO because you’re looking for a way to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. Go ahead, open up that pantry door, walk over to the fridge, inspect that freezer and clean off the counter tops! Carefully look through these areas of your now healthy kitchen and remove anything that you feel is a poor choice. Remember to make sure you don’t keep unwanted items like cookies and ice cream lying around. Almost all of us will have a weak moment and be tempted to overindulge or eat unhealthily. By not having those items there in the first place, you’ll have already started to reach success and achieve your goals. 

Change is never easy and throwing away food that you may have recently purchased – or just can’t imagine not having – can seem difficult at best. You’ll be amazed at just how many things we like that are either good for us, or easily converted into a healthier choice! Healthy food isn’t only good for you, but delicious, despite what you may have heard. Once you start adding healthy foods to your diet, you’ll be looking forward to new favorite foods that you’re adding rather than feeling deprived by what you’re taking away. FITTODO suggests simple choices, not crazy recipes – just food we eat every day and can get anywhere. This will help you to start making better decisions at each and every meal; choices that are both fun and beneficial!

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