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Sports drinks, bars and gels should not be considered as part of a healthy lifestyle for the average person who is trying to lose weight, or does not have a high level of activity in their daily routine. They may contain unnecessary calories, sugar, sodium, chemical additives and excess carbohydrates. An average person who exercises should consume water. If it’s necessary, he/she can add a package of electrolytes to aid absorption of the fluid in the body. 

However, for serious athletes (those who train regularly and often over 90 minutes per session) there are many sports nutrition products available that can enhance performance. If you’re a competitive athlete, your body demands more nutrients than a person on a basic fitness program. Carbohydrate drinks should be consumed during workouts lasting more than 1.5 hours. Once your workout is finished, you should use a high-quality recovery drink that contains protein and carbohydrates. Once you begin using these basic supplements, you may want to use a more advanced exercise recovery supplement or endurance booster based on your unique needs and goals. Your coach or doctor can assist you in choosing the best options. 

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