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Love To Eat

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Learn to plate your food before sitting down at the dinner table. Portion control should always be considered when eating! By plating your food beforehand, you’ll learn to take the right amount of food with you to the dinner table. You won’t be tempted to eat more than you should, which can happen when you lose track of things and are tempted to just reach over and take more. Most of us are guilty of having bigger eyes than stomachs, and wanting more than what we really need. Plating your food before you sit down at the table will allow you to focus on what you have chosen to eat, and will allow you to feel confident that you have made smart dining choices.

Try to chew your food slowly and take smaller bites! You’ll feel more satisfied and digest your food better. Eating slowly will allow the food or drink that you have just had to reach your belly and signal that you’re satisfied. Many of us eat too fast and never have an opportunity to feel full before it’s too late and we’ve overeaten. Eat with family members, friends and loved ones, and use the time to catch up on the day and enjoy the moment! Taking just a little bit longer to eat more carefully will not only allow you to enjoy your meal to a greater extent, but will help you quickly start making a difference in your overall health. In summary? For best results, plate your food, chew thoroughly and stop eating before you’re full to give your stomach a chance to catch up!

When you consider all the healthy choices you have to eat at home, realize that those same choices can be made when you’re out and about! Whether you’re traveling on the road or dining with loved ones, use the same basic guidelines to stay healthy and feel good. Take time to evaluate the menu choices. Most restaurant menus can be found online, making it easier to pre-plan your meals. If you go to a restaurant with a game plan, you can avoid choosing dishes that are high in fat and calories!

When dining out, look for menu selections that have fresh fruit and vegetables. Order your salad with oil and vinegar on the side, or use fresh slices of lemon to flavor. Ask for sauces on the side, or order your dish without them. On most menus you can find steamed vegetables (make sure you state no butter!) and when accompanied with a baked potato, you have a complete meal. You can use olive oil or salt and pepper on your potato instead of sour cream and butter. By asking for a doggie bag in advance, you can put a portion of your meal aside and eat it the next day, cutting calories in half!

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