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The sandwich shop can be a tricky place to find a healthy meal. However, with proper planning, healthy options are becoming increasingly more available.

Most sandwich shops, delis and sub shops now offer the same meat selections that are available on sandwiches as toppings for salads. If you choose to go for the sandwich, a great way to cut calories at is to go with a friend and split a sandwich in half. If you’re on your own you can always save half the sandwich for later!

For your bread choices, start by selecting whole grain, pumpernickel or rye bread instead of white. Try to avoid large sub rolls or large bagels. Some sandwich shops may have whole wheat, vegetable, or spinach wraps. Be sure to ask about the options!

For protein, choose sliced chicken or tuna – preferably not premixed with mayo. Baked or boiled ham, lean cuts of roast beef, and roasted or smoked turkey are also good choices. Stay away from deli meats, which are processed and loaded with fat and sodium. Nowadays, some delis even offer nitrite-free meats.

Load your sandwich with as many healthy veggies as you can! Ask for extra tomato, lettuce and other vegetables – it adds a ton of flavor that would otherwise come from condiments. When selecting condiments choose mustard, or an oil and vinegar mix that is prepared with a three to one vinegar to oil mix. Hot sauce, oregano, and salt and pepper are additional options. Stay away from mayonnaise and unhealthy salad dressings!

On the side, you can have a cup of soup – be sure to order something with a broth base, not cream. Chicken broth based soups are often loaded with sodium, so factor that into your sodium intake for the rest of the day. You can also choose baked chips, yogurt, or fresh fruit for your side at some shops. The best thing to drink at a sandwich shop would be a hot tea, an unsweetened ice tea, or bottled water. If you have a cup of coffee, use skim milk, soymilk or simply drink it black.

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