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Your Workout

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You’re ready! You’ve planned and prepared to enjoy the best part of your day – exercise. Put all the diversions aside, get out there, and have a great workout! There are so many things you can contemplate while you workout– maybe  you’re thinking about your special evening or weekend plans, maybe you’re planning for a big presentation at work, or maybe you’re just taking in the scenery at your favorite workout spot. Take the time to listen to music, watch TV, talk to your good friends or just relish the fact that you have this time to do something that’s not only fun and healthy, but also building the foundations for a long and happy life.

Here are some other tips for during your workout:

  • Concentrate on your technique for the sport you’re practicing
  • Use a heart rate monitor to control your workout and burn specific amounts of energy, as well as keep track of your goals
  • Try a new workout routine or sport to add some variety
  • Prep for your next race or event
  • Use a new piece of equipment or try out some cool new workout gear
  • Update your music so you can jam out during your workout
  • Take a friend to up the competitive nature of the activity but still have tons of fun
  • Pop in some interval training to blast fat, burn calories, and mix things up
  • Hydrate! Remember to continue to drink water during your workout to perform at your maximum level

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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