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Your Workout

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Before beginning your workout, try choosing sports and activities that are as close to home or work as possible. If you exercise with others, make sure it’s at times convenient for you so you can maximize your workout. Participating in sports and activities with family, friends and loved ones is a great way to spend more time with them.

Your gear is an important factor in having a great workout. Make sure you have the correct gear, equipment, and clothing to efficiently perform your sport or activity. Lay out your clothing for your exercise the night before, or pack it in a gym bag to keep in your car so you’re thoroughly prepared. Take time to think through everything that you might need in order to not have to interrupt your valuable sport or activity.

Check weather conditions to make sure you have the proper attire to be comfortable from start to finish of your routine. For instance, if it’s cold out, make sure you layer properly and account for all exposed parts of your body – don’t forget your fingers! On the other hand, be mindful of overdressing as this may lead to being too hot after extended periods of exercise. If it’s hot out, make sure you’re dressed appropriately and not exposing yourself to excessive sun or risk of overheating. If going outdoors, always make sure you have the proper sunglasses, sports performance glasses or protective eyewear to keep your eyes protected and healthy.

Proper nutrition will be the difference between a great routine and a not-so-great one. Try to eat complex carbohydrates and protein two to three hours before an intense exercise routine, or at least get in a snack an hour beforehand. Some people don’t feel the need to eat, but others depend on a small snack to keep them going at full potential.

Good snacks include fruit (such as bananas) or other simple carbohydrates, like oatmeal. Keep your snack on the small side to avoid feeling sick during your workout. Avoid simple sugars like candy, as they’ll cause a spike and immediate drop in your blood sugar, making you feel weak.  Make sure you’re completely hydrated, but not so full of fluids that you are uncomfortable – there aren’t many places to use the bathroom when you’re on a five mile run outside!

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