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If you just use your imagination, you can find places to exercise that are more fun than you thought possible. You can work out in a great many different places to keep an interesting variety in your routine, or you can simply find one place that you really enjoy using for your workouts. Just like choosing the best real estate in your search for a home, the secret of choosing where to workout begins with deciding on the best location.

Pick places that are convenient to reach so that you spend your precious time working out, not traveling back and forth! Choose places that are safe, and most importantly, places where you  are comfortable and enjoy visiting. Choosing a place that makes you feel self-conscious or uneasy will have a negative effect on your workout. If you look forward to visiting a favorite park, beach or even a friend's house, your workout will become less of a tiresome routine and more of a multitasking effort where you’re working on banking and saving your fitness and having fun.


Try the beach, parks, the boardwalk, a backyard, neighborhood streets or even scenic sidewalks to participate in one of your favorite activities. The options are endless – just make sure you prepare and have the appropriate gear for an outdoor workout! Keep in mind the time of day, temperature, terrain, and other conditions when you plan your workouts so you can maximize your exercise efforts and have the most enjoyable experience possible.


Indoor options offer a variety of choices as well. Try the gym or health club, your local school, or your own house to start having the time of your life getting fitter and healthier. If you work out at home, you can work out on your own or purchase fitness DVD’s or video games to lend guidance to your routines!

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