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The best time to exercise or workout is simple enough to figure out. Choose a time when you can successfully start, finish and have fun doing something that interests or excites you. There are so many fantastic choices that you’ll find yourself counting down the minutes until you get to do your daily workout, instead of dreading it! Regardless of whether you prefer working out first thing in the morning, during lunch breaks at the workplace, or in the evenings, make exercise the best part of your days.

Below are recommendations that will provide the best results for the majority of FITTODO users; you may want to consult a physician or trainer if you have more specific questions or special needs based on individual health factors.

Beginning Your Exercise

You can get warmed up with five minutes of light cardio at slow speed, such as walking. Be cautious of overstretching here, as your muscles are not yet warmed up.

Cardiovascular Exercise

You should set aside 6 days per week do some form of cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise. This is best broken down by the following guidelines:

  • Four regular routine cardio sessions per week, around 45 minutes to an hour.
  • One harder cardio session per week with increased speed and/or effort.
  • One longer cardio session per week exceeding an hour, but at a lighter pace if necessary.

Build on this each week by upping your duration and intensity in each workout!

*Please note: Never increase your speed or your distance by more than 10 percent from the previous week's workouts in order to prevent injury.

Core Fitness

You should try to work in 10 to 15 minutes of core fitness every day. There are a multitude of core fitness exercises to choose from, and you can even integrate some of them into your cardio workout. Just choose what works best for you!

Strength Training

You should schedule 3 weight-training sessions per week, covering all upper and lower body muscles. As with core fitness, there is a large variety of weight-training exercises to choose from, and you can incorporate some of them into your cardio workout. Take the time to choose the one that’s the best fit!

Post Workout

You should stretch thoroughly after completion of your daily cardio and or weightlifting session in order to prevent injury and help soothe sore muscles

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