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What is a rheumatologist? A rheumatologist is a specialist in disorders marked by inflammation, degeneration, or metabolic derangement of connective tissue structures of the body, especially the joints and related structures, including muscles, sacs, tendons, and fibrous tissue, with pain, stiffness, or limitation of motion.

When to visit

When would you see rheumatologist? While you may be seeing a primary care physician, the effect of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) varies from person to person and requires a series of specialized diagnostic tests to be identified. A rheumatologist is experienced in the work-up necessary to identify the disease causing your pain and swelling. If you've already been diagnosed with RA, you can still benefit by seeing a rheumatologist who will be able to assess your RA and overall condition in more detail than your primary care physician.

What to expect

What would you expect during a visit with a rheumatologist? During the physical exam, the rheumatologist will look for visible evidence of arthritis. The range-of-motion of your joints will also be assessed. The combination of your medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic test results will help the rheumatologist decide whether or not you have arthritis and what type of arthritis you have.

How often to visit

How often should you visit a rheumatologist? The frequency of visits to a radiologist would depend on each individual situation.

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