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What is a neurosurgeon? A neurosurgeon treats central and peripheral nervous system diseases that can be cured or controlled to some extent with mechanical intervention.

When to visit

When would you see a neurosurgeon? Neurosurgeons routinely see patients for low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, sciatica, pinched nerves in the neck, sports injuries, chronic pain and a host of other ailments.

What to expect

What would you expect during a visit with neurosurgeon? Once registration is complete, the neurosurgeon will meet with you for examination and consultation, and to discuss the treatment options for your diagnosis. You may also need to see additional specialists or have additional tests.

 How often to visit

How often should you visit a neurosurgeon? The frequency of visits to a neurosurgeon will vary, depending on the situation of the patient.

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