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What is a neurologist? A neurologist is a doctor who treats one of the most delicate and important organs of the body, the brain. A neurologist treats conditions like seizures, strokes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

When to visit

When would you see a neurologist? Many symptoms that may occur would involve: tension, sleep loss, headaches and anger.

What to expect

What would you expect during a visit with neurologist? During a neurological examination, the neurologist reviews the patient’s health history with special attention to the current condition. The patient then takes a neurological exam. Typically, the exam tests mental status, function of the cranial nerves (including vision), strength, coordination, reflexes and sensation. This information helps the neurologist determine if the problem exists in the nervous system and the clinical localization. Localization of the pathology is the key process by which neurologists develop their differential diagnosis. Further tests may be needed to confirm a diagnosis and ultimately guide therapy and appropriate management.

How often to visit

How often should you visit a neurologist? The frequency of visits to a neurologist will vary, depending on the situation of the patient.

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