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What is a medical geneticist? A medical geneticist is the doctor that carries out studies, tests, treatments and counseling patients with genetic diseases.

When to visit
When would you see a medical geneticist? Some individuals have a genetic condition and want to be followed by a physician who is familiar with their genetic condition. Other individuals have a family history of a genetic condition and want to be evaluated and have their risks assessed. Some individuals are seen for preconception genetic counseling prior to starting a family.

What to expect
What would you expect during a visit with a medical geneticist? During your visit to a medical geneticist, you will review your family and medical history information; have a physical examination; a discussion of management, treatment, surveillance and testing options; DNA testing, chromosome analysis or other genetic testing, if indicated; and provision of information about support groups and other helpful resources; and follow up care.

How often to visit
How often should you visit a medical geneticist? The frequency of visits to medical geneticist will vary, depending on the situation of the patient.

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