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What is an ENT specialist? An ENT specialist diagnoses and treats ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. This field is also known as otolaryngology.

When to visit

When would you see an ENT? You may need to see an ENT if you have an ear disorder or condition, such as a hearing impairment, ear infections, disorders that affect balance, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or pain in your ear. ENT specialists can also treat congenital disorders of the ear (disorders you were born with). ENT specialists often manage and treat problems that affect the nose, nasal cavity, and sinuses. These problems can affect smell, breathing, and physical appearance. Disorders and conditions that affect the throat can affect speech, singing, eating, swallowing and digestion.

What to expect

What would you expect during a visit with an ENT? Depending on the presenting symptoms of the patient the consultation with an ENT may vary, tailoring the history and the examination to the patients’ complaint. Typically a history is taken, eliciting the symptoms of the patient’s complaints. It is also important that the past medical history and medication being used should be documented, as this may have relevance if a patient requires surgery at a later date. The history will become focused on the presenting complaint and its effect on the individual.

How often to visit

How often should you visit an ENT? The frequency of visits to an ENT will vary, depending on the symptoms of the patient.

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