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What is a chiropractor? A chiropractor specializes in back and neck pain, using a variety of natural treatments, including spinal adjustment to relieve stress on the nerves which may be causing the pain.

When to visit

When would you see chiropractor? Many people who experience acute or chronic back pain visit a chiropractor.

What to expect

What would you expect at a visit to a chiropractor? Once your medical history has been gathered and your physical chiropractic examination has been completed, diagnostic testing will be conducted. This is the stage of your visit where all the gathered information will be evaluated in hopes of developing an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Diagnostic testing might include X-rays, an MRI scan or other procedures. After your chiropractor has combined all these elements, he or she will have the information needed to accurately evaluate and diagnose your condition.

How often to visit

How often should you visit a chiropractor? It’s good to get your spine checked periodically. But if you have a condition, your chiropractor will discuss with you how often to go.

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