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Doctor Office

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Doctor Office


Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

The thought of going to a doctor is nerve-wracking for a lot of people. However, having peace of mind is very important to your health, and isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that you have a good record of physical health?

Routine doctor’s visits can help you stay as healthy as possible. Staying on top of things and being proactive will prevent future illnesses. Health discussions with your doctor should include:

  • A thorough health history, including your current status and the health history of your immediate family
  • Any symptoms you are concerned about
  • Past medical tests, procedures, and results
  • Medications you are taking
  • Allergies
  • Whether or not you smoke, drink or take recreational drugs

Your physician will keep your health records on file for future reference. You should also have yearly examinations to keep track of any changes in your health. A yearly physical examination should include:

  • Measurements of height and weight
  • Temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Blood pressure
  • A heart and lungs exam

In addition to yearly physicals, other routine visits should include dental care, dermatological exams (to guard against skin cancer), vision exams, gynecological and clinical breast exams for women, and prostate exams for men over 50 years old.

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