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Best Life Diet (www.thebestlife.com)


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The Best Life Diet is a book by Bob Greene, who became famous for helping Oprah lose weight. The plan is more a lifestyle change than a temporary diet.

  • It promotes a daily diet of 1,500 to 2,500 calories and lots of physical activity.

  • The plan is easily adjusted to each person’s activity level.

  • There is no complicated method of counting calories; rather, dieters are encouraged to make better food choices and to eat smaller portions.

  • There are three phases to the program.

  • In the first phase, individuals will begin to be more active and make better eating choices. They do not eat within two hours before bed; they do not drink alcohol, and they eat three meals a day with one snack.

  • In phase two, individuals build on their healthier habits.

  • In phase three, individuals maintain their new habits in the long term.

The plan can be followed just by reading the book, but people may also visit the Best Life website, which has meal plans, workout plans and videos, research articles, and a message board. These resources also address emotional reasons for weight gain and help users overcome their psychological barriers.


This diet is a nutritionally sound program that covers all the major aspects important for weight loss. The plan is flexible and easier to follow that some similar diets, resulting in the ability to use it as a lifestyle. Most importantly, it offers resources that address emotional reasons for eating.


One of the only drawbacks is that dieters must be disciplined and work without in-person consultations.

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