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Bariatrician Program


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Bariatrician programs are overseen by licensed bariatricians, or doctors who specialize in weight loss. These doctors often practice other areas of medicine, such as pediatrics, endocrinology, or psychiatry. When a patient visits a bariatrician:

  • The doctor gathers the patient’s medical history and performs a complete physical examination.

  • The doctor identifies habits or psychological issues that may trigger weight gain.

  • The doctor and patient then work together to create a plan for weight loss that involves changing the patient’s overall lifestyle.

Some of these plans start with an extremely low-calorie and low-fat diet that patients follow until they reach their target weight, and then calories and fat are gradually added back into the diet. Other plans rely on medication and behavior changes.


Following a bariatrician’s program can have many health benefits and lead to weight loss. It is considered one of the safest weight loss methods. One advantage these programs have over other weight loss methods is the doctor may discover other health problems the patient never knew existed. The doctors can prescribe medications and appetite suppressants that traditional dietitians or personal trainers cannot recommend. These programs also offer long-term support and health monitoring.


It is often difficult to find a bariatrician because they generally practice another form of medicine.

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