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Getting married or living with someone is at first an adjustment… a big adjustment. You now have another person to consider, and responsibilities increase. Once you’ve been living with another person for a while, you’ll start to get a sense of what their patterns are. You may have to set the clock an hour earlier in order to get up and  enjoy some alone time, or make it a point to set aside some time in the evenings to get your “me time”.

A loving partner will understand the importance of having your personal time and everything should fall into place eventually. If your partner is also into fitness, this could be an added bonus because you can exercise together. If not, then you’ll need to adjust your schedule accordingly  in order to have workout time as well as alone and couples time. It’s important not to neglect your health and fitness when you get married or live with someone, as this is also the time when many people start gaining weight because they feel comfortable their relationship. However, you should try to avoid this mindset. If a woman gains weight, chances of conception go down because the fat content in the body can interfere with hormonal balances. The extra weight can also make pregnancy more difficult, and you’ll be more prone to complications. Gaining weight can also make married couples depressed; interest in sexual relations may decline, which can result in deeper problems in the relationship. 

Staying healthy, fit and strong will keep you enthusiastic and able to multitask all the duties that come with a modern day partnership: work, housework, and raising a family, while keeping the romance alive!

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