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Whether you’re single by choice or by circumstances beyond your control, it’s still important to make health and fitness a large part of your lifestyle. Making time for yourself is truly easiest when you’re single, because you don’t have to answer to anyone; your only responsibility is to yourself.

Your single years are the best times for laying out the solid groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. It's a time when you can easily get into a regular fitness routine and develop good eating habits, as well as good sleeping habits. Take advantage of this precious time now while you can! In later years, it won’t be as easy. When your life does get more complicated by marriage and family, you’ll be happy that you laid out the groundwork early because you’ll be too set in your ways to change things (and probably too busy!). 

Perhaps you were once partnered and now you’re suddenly single. Men may start succumb to take-out food and get lazy with their workout routines. A woman who was once partnered may find she’s now a single parent without time to take care of herself. It’s important to always remember that health and wellbeing are the center of everything else in life – you have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others and live life to the absolute extremes! FITTODO will inspire you to find ways to make time for yourself and get your healthy routine in gear once again – you’ll want to be fit, healthy and ready for when you meet your next romantic partner!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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