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In spite of their unique capabilities as champions, elite athletes are just regular people that have pushed themselves physically and mentally to extraordinary levels. These individuals are constantly pushing themselves to be quicker, faster, stronger, smarter and better than their competition. They have set lofty goals beyond the reach of most and then tried and tested every tool, technique and method to stay motivated and achieve their desired outcome

High levels of fitness can sharpen both the body and mind. Research has found that the mind of a highly conditioned athlete may also carry a mental advantage to situations beyond the sports field. Research has also shown that expert athletes are better at anticipating the actions of their opponents, giving them yet another edge in competition.

Just watching sports is not enough to develop the ability to anticipate what your opponent will do, nor to become an exceptionally fit and top-ranked athlete. This takes years of proper planning, dedication, hard work, resilience and most of all? It takes playing. How you practice and how much you practice are equally important in order to optimize learning an athletic skill. Next time you're watching your favorite athlete, remember that their athletic success is most likely the result of years of practice and hard work, resulting in a competitive edge both on and off of the sports field.

Set Reachable Goals

In order to be an advanced athlete, you must set small goals daily. When these small goals are achieved, they’ll give you confidence and motivation towards your next set of goals. Make sure these steps are reasonable so that you can still attain them even if you are tired or burnt out – if you set impossible goals, you are most likely never going to achieve them!


Many athletes are dynamic at several different sports, but particularly stand out in one of them. Choose the sport that you are most passionate about and start planning! Talent is just part of the package. To become a top athlete, you need dedication and determination. You will need drive, a positive attitude and ambition to achieve your goal – not just physical ability!

If being a professional athlete is your goal, it’s best to start young. Little league teams, private lessons and high school and college teams will condition you for the future and keep you motivated in your journey to the top. 

Take care of you body by eating healthy foods. Do not drink or smoke; get plenty of rest so you’re well-fueled and able to perform at your peak level. Most importantly, acknowledge and work on your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses of some sort, and if you take the time to focus on those areas and better them (rather than ignoring them) you are ultimately going to end up as your best self!

The career of a professional athlete is short-lived. Be sure to have a back-up plan, but never give up hope. Stay motivated and remember, hard work leads to rewards!


Successful athletes reach a high level of performance whenever they’re in a competitive situation. To make that happen, they are disciplined in everything they do. They love what they’re doing and believe in themselves, and also understand the importance of rest and recovery. You can’t be a star everyday, and you have to listen to your body so you don’t injure yourself.

successful athlete also recognizes the talent of their opponents and colleagues. This is especially true in a team, where there is even more pressure to perform well as the team is depending on it. However, it’s important to recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of teammates in order to work together at the optimal level.

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