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Today's Man

Men are such creatures of habit. Many love to come home and turn on the TV as soon as they walk in the door. For hours they watch sports; they watch entire seasons of baseball games, and every football game they can find. It can be college and pro sports watching all weekend long, which means a weekend spent on the couch, often drinking alcoholic beverages and eating unhealthy snacks. Some men stay up all night and surf – not at the beach, but online. They read the sports stats and interviews with the players; these men are often mindlessly looking through random things to find an outlet. FITTODO can teach you how to get involved in sports and activities instead of merely watching them on TV or reading about them!

Raising children

Currently, over 40 percent of dads work over 50 hours per week. This allows for little free time when you factor in household chores and other obligations. Most fathers would like to spend more quality time with their kids while still finding an hour or two to exercise. FITTODO demonstrates how sports can actually complement parenting and condense spending time with the family and working out into one. It’s easy for a dad to bond with his son over baseball, or play tennis with his daughter!

One of the pitfalls of dads being enthusiastic about their children and sports is the danger of becoming overly zealous, and wanting the child to constantly win. This may put a wedge in the father/child relationship and cause the child to stray away from sports due to the stress.

You must be cautious not to put unrealistic expectations on your children and serve as an example. Remember – with a vision that’s true-to-life, a dad can be the best coach a kid ever had!

Health and Nutrition

Heart disease and cancer are the some of the biggest health concerns for men, but can be addressed in the forms of healthy eating and regular exercise. You need nutrients to prevent prostate and other forms of cancer, and to help maintain healthy muscle mass. A daily vitamin and a regular diet rich in a variety of essential nutrients are a good start on the pathway to health. Here are some pointers to get started on the right foot:

  • Like women, men should focus on natural whole foods and have minimal processing and preservatives. This means whole grains and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t forget protein – protein is extremely important for me to maintain muscle mass! You’ll want to stick to lean proteins like chicken and fish for maximum results.
  • Take the time to eat breakfast – it will fuel your entire day and make an enormous difference in your energy levels, as well as your hunger levels.
  • Eating four or five smaller meals throughout the day can provide you with all the fuel you need for sustainable energy and to keep your metabolism high.
  • Snack! Low-fat cheeses, nuts, chopped vegetables, and yogurt are some great snack choices, and are easy to carry with you on the go.
  • Another important aspect to address is water – you should be drinking it, and lots of it to ensure a healthy balance in your body and guard against dehydration.

Activities and Programs

Amongst the hundreds of activities men enjoy, cardiovascular work and strength training are the top two that men typically practice to stay fit and healthy. It is important to remember to drink lots of water not only throughout your day, but also while working out to stay fully hydrated. Make sure you are using the proper technique when training to avoid injuries and get the maximum results. Always have a spotter, and be sure to stretch. If you’re unsure as to how to approach a workout program, seek instruction at a gym or from a personal trainer! Additionally, overweight men or men with chronic health problems such as diabetes or heart condition should consult a physician before starting an exercise program to ensure health and safety.

Other physical activities men often enjoy include football, baseball, soccer, fishing, camping, skiing, scuba diving, and bicycling – just to name a few. There are no bounds to the different ways you can conduct an active life and continue to bank and save fitness!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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