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Smart Eating

Moms know how difficult it can be to feed a toddler – there’s no one particular meal that all toddlers will eat

Before transitioning to table foods, most toddlers ate simple baby foods consisting of vegetables, fruits, and meats. Since their diet was basic, most toddlers will prefer their table foods basic, without butter or sauces. Adding butter and salt to a toddler’s diet is unnecessary and results in excess calories. 

If your toddler sees you eating fruits and vegetables, he or she will more than likely want to eat them too! If a toddler doesn’t have access to junk foods, they won’t be eating them until they’re old enough to eat with other children at parties or in school.

Fruit juices should be limited. They are not particularly nutritious (unless made fresh from home) and are extremely filling, leaving little room for more substantial food. Toddlers should be encouraged to drink water between meals and snacks.

Activities and Programs

Toddlers have a ton of energy and are very active on their own with jumping, running, dancing, crawling and climbing on furniture. If you feel that your child is a bit too sedentary, you can get them moving with basic energetic activities like playing tag, hide-and-go-seek or Simon Says. 

Toddlers are also fascinated by balls. Playing throw and fetch with a toddler will help develop their hand and eye coordination.  A trip to the zoo can also provide a toddler with plenty of exercise – perhaps more than your toddler requires, so be sure to bring a stroller in case they tire!

For rainy day fun and exercise, you can create an obstacle course for your toddler to climb over using various pieces of furniture such a chairs, coaches and beanbags. Exercise videos geared towards toddlers are also available. Opportunities for toddler activity are practically everywhere. Just let your imagination – and your toddler’s -- run wild!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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