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Children can easily exercise both at and away from home. They can participate in sports and activities inside and outside. Even on weekends or during inclement weather, it isn’t necessary to have to leave your home to devise a fun exercise program for your children. Video games, DVDs and music can make working out at home something you can do whenever you have the time to work it into your daily schedule.

Activities that let your child play while getting fit at the same time teach us how to make exercise fun from a young age. Dancing, aerobics, kickboxing or gymnastics are all great examples of exercise that model as a way of enjoying life.

By having a set family exercise time, you can encourage your child to look forward to fitness on a day-to-day basis, even if the entire family gets together for something simple, like a walk in a park or playing catch in the backyard. Family exercise time doesn’t have to be very long, but just enough to get the heart rate elevated for a period of time and break a bit of a sweat. By working out together, you are giving the entire family the best possible opportunity to be even healthier and maximizing your time spent together. This is only going be more beneficial for your children's health in the future!

FITTODO lists and categorizes various sports and activities for your children based on the abilities of a typical child and for a particular age group. We are all physically and mentally made up in different ways. This is also true for the development and capabilities of different children at various ages. Some physical activities are better suited for certain children than others. Your child may be able to do activities we suggest as age-appropriate activities for an older child. On the other hand, your young one may not be quite ready for a particular activity. Either way, remember: the point is that we are involving our children in sports and activities from a very young age, not necessarily how advanced they are in that particular sport or activity.

As with adults, the two key elements to exercise are cardio and strength training. However, unlike adults, children do not normally require any formal muscle-strengthening programs; nor should they be working out with weights of any kind. Younger children strengthen their muscles when they do gymnastics, play on a jungle gym or climb trees. When children grow older and have fully developed into young adults, then they’ll be ready to start structured weight programs. 

Cardio exercise for children also can be looked at very differently than with adults. Your child’s body is undergoing changes at a rapid rate and they are burning tremendous amounts of energy to sustain this growth! Our jobs as parents is to make sure that our children are getting the proper foods and nutrition that they require in order to best grow and develop. It’s also our job to teach them at an early age the benefits of good fundamental exercise. 

When your child does an activity for a sustained period of time, their heart will beat faster than normal and they will breathe harder than normal. The best way to gauge just how much exercise your child is getting is to consider a typical day and decide if you’re allowing enough time for your children to run around and play. By the end of the day, this will create a calmer, happier, and healthier child!

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